Walk As A Child Of The Light

30 Mar

You were once darkness, 
but now you are light in the Lord.
Live as children of light, 
for light produces every kind of goodness 
and righteousness and truth.  (Eph 5:8-9)

Images of light and dark fill the scriptures, both Old and New Testament.

Light and dark are themes that permeate our lives as well.  From the time we are born, we tend to gravitate toward light and shy away from darkness.  For a period in our childhood, most of us experience fright — if not outright terror — in the dark.  We somehow, inherently, know that darkness is not our friend.  In darkness is peril.

As we grow up, we know that dark can be dangerous in many ways.  Driving at night has a danger all its own because we cannot see obstructions that may be coming up, we cannot see the animal crossing the road, we cannot see the pothole waiting to throw our car out of control.

As we live in darkness, our eyes begin to acclimate somewhat.  We might be able to see a little bit better; however, there is still too much unseen.

And, as we live in darkness, the light begins to be our foe.  Accustomed to dark, some people cannot tolerate the light.  They wear sunglasses even at dusk or dawn because the light bothers them.

Those images of light and dark apply to our souls as well.

When we live in sin, we live in darkness because God cannot be found in sin.  If we live in darkness, we surely will lose our way.

As we become accustomed to the darkness of sin, we will begin to shy away from the light of God.  At the point we totally immerse ourselves in sin, we will avoid the light at all cost.

What a tragedy that would be.  We cannot allow that to happen.

This day, walk as a child of the light!

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to shine His light in your soul so that you can see what might still be in darkness.