Believe In Jesus

31 Mar

Jesus said to him,
“Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.”
The royal official said to him,
“Sir, come down before my child dies.”
Jesus said to him, “You may go; your son will live.”
The man believed what Jesus said to him and left.  (Jn 4:48-50)

We are people who need to see signs.  That is because we have been taught to scrutinize everything carefully.  If we cannot see, taste, feel, smell something, we tend to discredit it.

Jesus encountered that quite often as He challenged His people to deepen their faith and their trust in Him.

They heard His words.  However, they also heard about the number of people He had helped in His ministry.  They wanted to see the things that He had done.  They wanted those things performed for them.

Some would not believe unless Jesus performed signs for them.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus confronted the royal official.

The official would be a person who would be used to having people perform as he expected.  Jesus was not going to do that.  Jesus would, however, give him everything that he wanted — the health of his child — if the official simply did one thing:  go away believing that Jesus could and would help him.

The official put his trust in Jesus and received his son back in good health.

Can we place our trust in the Lord today or do we expect God to prove Himself with great signs and wonders?

FAITH ACTION:  As you pray this day, ask God to increase your faith so that you do not have to require signs from Him.