Reproached By Jesus

16 Jul

Jesus began to reproach the towns
where most of his mighty deeds had been done,
since they had not repented.  (Mt 11:20)

Jesus did not do the things that He did for “show”.  He did not do them for acclamation, for fame, or for fortune.

He did them for a reason: to prove that the Kingdom of God was at hand for His people.

As He did the things that He did, He looked for signs that the people were ready and willing to accept the Kingdom into their hearts and lives.

It is sad to think that there were many times that Jesus found, not acceptance, but rejection for what He did.

Curing the sick, raising the dead, restoring sight to the blind: these things are absolutely spectacular miracles.

Those kinds of absolutely spectacular miracles continue today.  There are people who find Jesus intervening in their lives in bold ways, restoring health where there was no hope.

God cared for His people millennia ago.  God cares for His people now.  God will always care for His people throughout the future until the day we are all called to His Kingdom.

As God cares for us, He waits for our response.

FAITH ACTION:  Jesus looks for many things from us: faithfulness, charity, kindness, et cetera.  One of the things He looks for, as well, is repentance.  Are you truly sorry for the times that you have sinned against the Lord?