Repent And Be Saved

5 Mar

Even now, says the Lord,
return to me with your whole heart,
with fasting, and weeping, and mourning;
Rend your hearts, not your garments,
and return to the Lord, your God.  (Jl 2:12-13a)

Thus, we begin again.

Lent is upon us — the season of repentance.  Lent is very important to us because it prepares us to celebrate properly the glories of Easter.

There are many times in our lives when we think it just might be “too late”.  God has reminded us throughout the ages that it is never too late to return to Him.  All it takes is desire and a firm purpose.

Many people begin their Lenten journey by making resolutions that will help them throughout the season.  Some resolutions are more “negative” in nature: the giving up of favorite things, foods, hobbies and the like.  Some resolutions are more “positive”: volunteering at a local soup kitchen, visiting the sick and shut-in, et cetera.  Those resolutions, whether negative or positive, are made to help focus oneself upon the challenges of Lent: rend our hearts and return to the Lord.

It takes a great amount of grace to admit that we need help.  We do not admit that easily or very often, for that matter.  However, we do need help.  We need God in our lives.  Without Him in our lives, we will quickly lose sight of the Kingdom and, therefore, stray from the path.

May your Lent be humble and holy.  May it bring you closer to God day by day.

FAITH ACTION:  If you have not already done so, make some Lenten resolution today.  If you have done so already, review your resolution to make sure that they can be accomplished so that you do not set yourself up for failure.

Remember, Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast and Abstinence