Feeling Anxious?

4 Mar

Peter began to say to Jesus,
“We have given up everything and followed you.”  (Mk 10:28)

In yesterday’s Gospel, we heard that it was easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get to heaven.  After saying that, Jesus was asked, “Than who can be saved?”  His response was, “For men it is impossible, but not for God.  All things are possible for God.”

Today’s Gospel continues with Peter exclaiming, “We have given up everything and followed you.”

You can practically see the panic in his face and hear the fear in his voice.  This is serious stuff here.  Peter is thinking, “It’s going to be close to impossible to be saved.  We don’t have much time to do anything different.  We’ve cashed in all our chips and followed Jesus.  He’s got to be the one.  What happens if…”


What happens if Jesus is not the one?

Have we given up everything in vain?

Is there any hope for us at all?

What if we made the biggest mistake of our lives when we decided to follow the Lord?

Those are typical human thoughts.  They are generated because we tend to see things as they exist in this sinful, tainted world of ours.  We do not see clearly and distinctly, as God does.

Jesus’ response to Peter was akin to “I’ve got you covered.”

If we have given up everything to follow the Lord, He is going to make sure that we are all right.

In this world, we may have to deal with hardships.  However, in the age to come, we will receive an eternal reward.

FAITH ACTION:  Feeling anxious about your decision to follow Jesus?  Ask Him to reassure you as you spend time with Him this day.