Have You Changed?

2 Jun

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” ~Nelson Mandela

We are coming to the end of the Easter season.  In two days, we will complete the season with the celebration of Pentecost.  This past Sunday, we reminded ourselves, as we celebrated the Ascension, that the Lord’s mission was now ours.  In order to receive the help that we need to do the work of Jesus, He knew that we would need the Holy Spirit.

Not only will we need the Holy Spirit, we also need a heaping dose of “humble”.  Yes.  We need to eat some crow.

In today’s Gospel, Peter was served a heaping dish of humble when Jesus asked him not once, not twice, but three times, “Do you love me.”  Jesus asked Peter three times so that Peter could pay back for the three times that he denied Jesus on the night of His arrest.

When Jesus asked Peter three times whether or not he loved Him, Peter knew what was up.  Peter felt great anguish at the question and was moved to affirm his love for the Lord.  Afterwards, Jesus indicated to Peter how he would die.

We are called to faithfulness and love.  We are called to trust in the Lord.  Yet, as human beings tainted by original sin, we also realize the times that we deny or reject the Lord.  At those times, we are called to seek forgiveness and start again.

What remains unchanged throughout the ages is God’s love for us.  Hopefully, we have become changed people as we have celebrated the resurrection of the Lord throughout this Easter season and embraced His challenge to continue His work.

FAITH ACTION:  Heal a hurt.  Right a wrong.  Seek forgiveness.  Do something positive for someone today.