Are You Prepared?

1 Dec

You also must be prepared, for at an hour
you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.  (Mt 24:44)

What can you do to prepare for Christmas during this Advent Season?

That question was posed to me a couple of weeks ago by one of the staff of the Northwest Indiana Catholic.  I thought I would share my response today on this First Sunday of Advent.  Hopefully, they will help your preparation!

  • Make an Advent wreath and light it each evening at the evening meal (or some other designated daily family prayer time). Try to make this a family tradition.
  • Learn about and make an Advent Calendar.
  • Each time you go Christmas shopping for family and/or friends, purchase an item to donate to a local food pantry or shelter.
  • If you know of a family in need, “adopt” that family by purchasing food and gifts for them for Christmas.
  • As a family, make Christmas cards and send them to local nursing homes or send them to the military so that those in the armed forces can be reminded of the people back home who are praying for them.
  • Be Kind. Live the spirit of the season.
  • Do a good deed for someone without expectation of reward.
  • Christmas carol in the neighborhood. You might be surprised how community-building something as simple as caroling together can be.
  • Remembering that Advent is a spiritual season preparing oneself for Christmas, plan to go to confession.
  • Try to reconcile with a family member or friend.
  • Because of all sorts of celebrations, many people miss the opportunity to celebrate their faith on Christmas Day. Make it a point to go to Mass — preferably as a family — on Christmas Day.
  • Invite an elderly neighbor who might be shut in to come to Mass with you on Christmas Day.
  • Holiday grief can be overwhelming. Be mindful of those who have experienced loss in their life this year.

FAITH ACTION:  Make some spiritual resolutions today that you plan to put into action throughout the season of Advent.