What Pleases The Lord?

22 Oct

Sacrifice or oblation you wished not,
but ears open to obedience you gave me.
Burnt offerings or sin offerings you sought not;
then said I, “Behold I come.”  (Ps 40:7-8)

We often believe that we need to do something in order to be noticed, in order to impress others, in order to count.

The psalmist reminds us that God does not look for “things”.  Rather, God looks for an attitude, a way of life.

God looks into our heart.

We could contribute all the money we own to charities, we could build all the Habitat houses in the world, we could do, do, and do some more.  However, if we do not embrace God’s will, if we do not obey His laws, the things that we do will never amount to a thing.

God does not want external actions.

He wants what is in the heart and from the heart.

That is not to say that doing the above things is wrong.  It is a reminder to us that doing just to “buy” our way in to heaven is not going to get us anywhere.

Make sure that the things you do come from a contrite, humble heart.

Those things, the Lord will be more than pleased to accept.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure that the things you are planning to do today come from the heart.  Embrace God’s will and follow God’s law.