21 Oct

Jesus said to the crowd,
“Take care to guard against all greed,
for though one may be rich,
one’s life does not consist of possessions.”  (Lk 12:15)

“One’s life does not consist of possessions.”

How true.

Yet, there are many people who build their lives according to their possessions.

They feel that they “must” have something — or someone — in their lives.

They work, they struggle, they do everything that they can to gain that possession or those possessions.

And when they get them?

They feel unfulfilled.  Or they simply check an invisible box saying “I’ve got that now” and then they work toward the next set of possessions.

The only thing we should hope to possess is life eternal with our Lord.  And that possession is not something that we can purchase or earn in any way.  That possession is a gift given to us by God.

All the other things with which we feel up our lives?

They are extraneous.  They are distractions.  They are things that can, ultimately, distract us from our goal of eternity with God.

FAITH ACTION:  Are there any possessions upon which you build your life?  Do they have an unnatural hold on you?  Try to separate yourself from them.