Try To Keep Us Quiet

6 Apr

[The Sanhedrin] called them back
and ordered them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus.
Peter and John, however, said to them in reply,
“Whether it is right in the sight of God
for us to obey you rather than God, you be the judges.
It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard.”  (Acts 4:18-20)

Jesus was rather insistent that His message be proclaimed to the ends of the earth.

His followers, on the other hand, did not always do what He requested.

As a matter of fact, in today’s Gospel, we read that when the eleven were at table together, Jesus appeared and He “rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart.”

Immediately after the Resurrection, the Apostles were still very much afraid and confused.

The first reading from the Acts of the Apostles takes place after Pentecost.

It was at that time that the Apostles had the courage to go out and proclaim the Word boldly, without fear.

We, on the other hand, long after Pentecost, have the Holy Spirit at our side not only to lead and guide us but, also, to give us the courage that we need to go out to the whole world and tell the Good News.

FAITH ACTION:  The world may be against us; however, the Word of God must be proclaimed.  Do not hesitate to do so today.