“Truth? What Is Truth?”

19 May

“I don’t think there is any truth.  There are only points of view.”  ~ Allen Ginsberg

When I was quite young, there were some scriptures that really grabbed my attention.  One of the scriptures was the Gospel narrative of Jesus’ trial.  Jesus was questioned by Pontius Pilate and, in the course of the questioning, stated that He had come to testify to the truth.  Pilate responded with, “What is truth?”  It was a snide, glib comment and one, I am sure, Pilate truly meant.  After all, Pilate was the consummate politician.  He knew that there were many “truths” out there.  The truth depended upon the power or influence or wealth of the person speaking.  The truth was something that changed on a pretty regular basis.

When he saw conviction in Jesus’ eyes and heard Jesus testify to the truth, Pilate knew that he was confronted with someone who was not to be changed.  I am certain that Pilate saw the regal Jesus in front of him and it was because of this that he went to the crowds and stated that he saw nothing wrong in Jesus.  He was ready to let Jesus go free.  But, the crowd had its own set of truths and they were going to see them through to the end.  That would necessitate Jesus’ death.

Ginsberg certainly picks up on this in today’s quote.  He doesn’t think there is truth.  There is only, in his eyes, points of view.  What is true for one person might not be for the next.  What is true for one group of people might not be for another group.  What is true for the wealthy might not be for the poor.  And so on.  That would be absolutely correct.  Different people and different groups do view things differently.  However, that would not be truth.  That would just be opinion.  The truth does exist.

God is pure truth.  You can think whatever you want about God and you can say whatever you want about Him.  That is your opinion or your point of view.  However, a point of view cannot change an absolute truth.

Our life is sacred because it is created in the image and likeness of God.  There is no changing that truth.  There is a code of life under which we all live.  There is no changing that.  We will be judged one day at the end of our lives.  There is no changing that.  You might have your opinions about that.  You might even disagree with those statements.  What a surprise you would be in for, then, at the end of your days when you are brought face-to-face with Jesus.

FAITH ACTION:  As you search for answers in life, ask God to reveal His truth to you today.