Tomorrow Awaits

4 Nov

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

There are certain feelings all people share.  Dread is one of them.  In the living of our days, we often have dreams and hopes.  Sometimes our dreams are realized and that fills us with incredible joy and makes us dream bigger.  Other times, dreams can be quashed.  When that happens, it becomes harder to dream and to hope.  We can find ourselves in a downward spiral that freezes us from any kind of personal growth.

Yet, if we are to live, we must look forward with hope.  Tomorrow can be better.  It always can.  As a matter of fact, it must.  Because, if tomorrow is not better, we tend to lose hope and will not look forward to the tomorrow after that.

Lincoln knew the reality that our tomorrows are built upon the stuff of our todays.  If our todays are good ones, our tomorrows will look bright.  One thing is certain.  Tomorrow will come.  When it does, we need to be ready for it.  The only way to be ready is to live today to its fullest.

That is not to say that tomorrow will not give us some kinds of bumps or bruises.  But if today is well lived, tomorrow will be easier to handle.  If today is well lived, tomorrow will be filled with hope.  If tomorrow is filled with hope, today is easier to handle.  It is a circle and one that we perpetuate by our actions and our attitudes.

Do you want a marvelous tomorrow?  Get busy with a marvelous today.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who are losing hope that their sacrifices of today may bring about a more hopeful tomorrow.