Make An Impact On The World

30 Apr

“Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”  ~ Connor Franta

Each and every one of us has a choice in life. We can become the means for change in this world or we can abdicate our position and be changed by the world. Allowing ourselves to be changed by the world would not be a good thing because the world does not have the answers. The world does not even know the right questions. The world needs us and what we have to offer.

Each time we are pleasant to someone, we change the world for the good because that kindness will trickle down to the people that other person encounters. Each time we teach someone to do something good, we change the world for the good because that person, once taught, will be able to help others as well. Each time we smile at another person, we brighten that person’s day and change it for the better.

None of these things are fantastic. None of them are monumental. None of them take a lot of time, energy, or talent. They are small, simple things to do that have a huge impact in the lives of others.

Since whatever we do impacts our world, make sure that you impact the world for good today rather than for ill.

FAITH ACTION: Be the smiling face, the cheerful voice, and the positive attitude that someone around you needs today.