A New Beginning

5 Nov

“A fresh start – a new day – a new month – a new year. Do you see each day as a fresh start or are you carrying yesterday into this brand new day. See the possibilities of beginning anew.”  ~ Theodore W. Higginsworth

In December 1956, the people in northwest Indiana were given a new beginning in the creation of the Diocese of Gary. The four northwest counties of Indiana were taken from the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and made a new diocese.

With the new diocese came a new bishop. Until that point in time, the new bishop had been a pastor at Holy Trinity Church in Gary. Msgr. Andrew G. Grutka was made a bishop and tasked with the responsibility to lead us.
As with anything new, when the diocese was created, people gathered to share their ideas, dreams, and hopes. They had a vision for ministering to God’s people in the territory of the Diocese of Gary. Since that day, we have done our best to provide for many people.

Now, the diocese has embarked upon a new visioning process as it is going through the implementation of a Diocesan Synod that culminated on Pentecost Sunday of this year.

It is always good to look forward and to plan ever new. At the same time, it is helpful to look back to see from where we have come so that we can keep our hopes and dreams alive.

This coming Saturday is the anniversary of the death of Bishop Grutka. It is also Veteran’s Day. Bishop Grutka always had a special place in his heart for veterans and I have always thought that it was appropriate that he pass away on that day.

We honor our veterans by looking back and remembering their sacrifices. We also honor them by looking back and doing all that we can not to repeat the things that caused us to go to war. The more we learn from our past, the better our chance for peace.

Thank you, veterans, for your bravery, your service, and your sacrifice.

FAITH ACTION: Pray for the success of the implementation of the diocesan synod. Also, pray for all veterans. If you know any personally, take the time to thank them for their service.