They Need Our Prayer, Too

16 Sep

First of all, I ask that supplications, prayers,
petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone,
for kings and for all in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life
in all devotion and dignity. 
This is good and pleasing to God our savior,
who wills everyone to be saved
and to come to knowledge of the truth.  (1 Tm 2:1-4)

We are, I believe, pretty good about praying for people in need.  We pray for the homeless, those in war-torn parts of the world, those who suffer from natural disasters, and a myriad of other needy people.

However, we often do not see that the rich, the powerful, those in authority are also in need.

As a matter of fact, they are in greater need, many times, than others who we believe to be needy.

Just recently, some of my eighth grade students asked if there was someone to whom a pope goes to confession.  I told them that there is generally a person who is the regular confessor of a pope.

Their immediate reaction?

“Why would the Pope need to go to confession?!”

I reminded them that a pope is just like any of us, only with greater responsibilities.  And, since he makes many major decisions, there might be a greater chance of needing reconciliation for decisions made or not made.  Besides, I reminded them, confession is a sacrament and, therefore, an opportunity to receive grace!

Kings, Queens, Presidents, Chancellors, Popes, Bishops, Prime Ministers and all those in leadership positions definitely need our prayers.  They have been given great responsibility.  We pray that they respond to their responsibilities accordingly.

FAITH ACTION:  Let us heed the instruction of the Letter to Timothy and pray, indeed, for all in authority:  Church leaders as well as rulers of governments.  They have a great responsibility and are always in need of prayer.