They May Not Like You

3 Aug

When Jeremiah finished speaking
all that the LORD bade him speak to all the people,
the priests and prophets laid hold of him, crying,
“You must be put to death!”  (Jer 26:8)

Jeremiah had it tough.

He was given the word of God to speak to his people.

Jeremiah did exactly what the Lord wanted him to do.  He went to God’s people and gave them God’s word.

And the people hated him for it.

They not only hated him, they did everything that they could to rid themselves of Jeremiah.  He would spend much of his life in fear for his life.

Of course, ultimately he would be vindicated.

But, while he was living it, the fear was palpable.

Oftentimes, people feel that if they do God’s will, everything should go smoothly, people will embrace them, and all will be well.

It is often not the case.

Because God’s word has a way of striking people at the very core of their being.  And people do not like being shaken up like that.  So, they rebel.  They often go after the messenger rather than embrace the message.

However, the word of God must be proclaimed.

FAITH ACTION:  Is there something that you used to do for God but do not do it anymore because of fear, embarrassment, et cetera?  Maybe it was as simple as praying before meals in public, saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes, or the like.  Do not let fear or embarrassment keep you from doing God’s will and proclaiming God’s word.  He needs you to be his hands and voice today.