The End

31 Dec

Children, it is the last hour  (1 Jn 2:18a)


We are in the final hours of this year.

Soon, we will begin a new year: 2013.

As we look back on the old year, I am sure that we can all find things that went wrong, that were really bad.  They are easy enough to find.

However, as we look back, we can also find a lot of things that went well.  God has been with us this past year — as He has been throughout our entire lives — and He does not plan on abandoning us.

Look back today and try to see the ways that you found yourself straying from God.

Examine what caused you to stray.

Then, make a New Year’s Resolution that will help you to stay the course, to remain faithful to the Lord.

God was with you in the past year.  God will be with you in the New Year.  God wishes for you to be with Him forever.

Hold firm.

Have faith.

Trust in Him.

FAITH ACTION:  Make some spiritual New Year’s resolutions today.  Make them realistic and doable.  Commit to them.