Our Starting Point

6 Sep

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”  ~ Nido Qubein

So many times, we get frozen in place because of the various circumstances that confront us.  We might be tempted to think that those circumstances are things that will keep us from doing what needs to be done.  That is absolutely not true.  Those circumstances are not the end of the line.  They are merely the starting point for a new movement in our lives.

Take these reflections, for example.  There are some days that I sit down at the keyboard and look at the keys.  It is almost as if I am hoping that the keys will form words for me and get me started.  Writer’s block may have set in.  Or, maybe, I am not feeling well.  Or, there might be other distractions happening — which is why I like to write very early in the morning when there are no phones ringing or doorbells buzzing.

There could be a myriad of reasons that would tell me, “You’re not writing today.”  When that happens, you have to tell yourself, “Oh, yeah?  Well, watch this!” and begin doing what needs to be done.

The same thing happens in our spiritual lives.  We might sit down to pray and:  nothing.  We can bring no thought to our mind.  We can bring no prayer to our lips.  We appear to be frozen.  When that happens, we can do one of two things: admit defeat, get up, and get on with our day or remain where we are and turn our silence into a prayer.

God knows, after all, what we are feeling and what we are thinking.  God knows the intentions of our hearts even if our minds cannot seem to clarify our thoughts or form our words.  God knows and understands and doesn’t mind simply sitting with us.  Our prayer does not have to be endless words and phrases.  Our prayer can be comfortable presence with the Lord.

The present circumstances of our lives — the pandemic — have caused many people to change the habit of their prayer lives.  Some have claimed that they cannot pray, that the stress of life is too great for them to bear.  It is precisely in these kinds of times, though, that we need to draw close to God.

If you don’t know how to pray in the present circumstances, do what saints throughout the years have done:  sit quietly with the Lord and allow Him the opportunity to speak to you.

FAITH ACTION:  Turn to the Lord today in prayer and let Him know exactly how you are feeling so that He can comfort you.