Nothing Can Contain Him

23 May

It is this disciple who testifies to these things
and has written them, and we know that his testimony is true.
There are also many other things that Jesus did,
but if these were to be described individually,
I do not think the whole world would contain the books
that would be written.  (Jn 21:24-25)

John is writing in testimony to the Risen Lord.  He is writing to a community and wants, desperately, for them to come to knowledge of the Lord.

And he is oh, so, right.

If he would take the time to write down everything that Jesus did and everything Jesus said, there would not be enough room or material because, after all, he would have to record all of the history of the world.

For, Jesus is God.  That is what he wanted us to know.  That is why he wrote his Gospel.

Do we accept his testimony?

FAITH ACTION:  Take about a half hour today to read some of your favorite Bible passages.  New Testament or Old Testament, it doesn’t matter. Just spend time with the Word today.