9 Apr

The community of believers was of one heart and mind,
and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own,
but they had everything in common.
With great power the Apostles bore witness
to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,
and great favor was accorded them all.
There was no needy person among them,
for those who owned property or houses would sell them,
bring the proceeds of the sale,
and put them at the feet of the Apostles,
and they were distributed to each according to need.  (Acts 4:32-35)

After “mommy” and “daddy”, the most common of the “first words” of children is “mine!”

When they say mommy or daddy, they can be rather unclear and/or garbled.

When they say “mine”, however, there is no mistaking their message.  They are very emphatic in declaring something as their possession.

Sadly, we never seem to lose that need to possess.  We claim all sorts of things as “mine”: money, cars, people, et cetera.

Can you imagine the Christian community sharing everything, making sure that there was no one in need?  What a testament to the spirit of the group.

I wonder how many of us would be willing to give up everything for the sake of others.

FAITH ACTION:  Is there something that you have been hanging on to that would be better shared with or given to someone else?  Make an effort to let go today.