Meet Life Head On

5 Feb

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”
Jean de La Fontaine, Fables

It seems as though we spend a lot of time in our lives running from things.  If something frightens us, makes us uncomfortable, or is undesirable in some way, shape, or form, we will do everything we can to circumvent it.  However, it seems that the things we avoid the most are the ones that crash into us.

The truth is quite simple:  we cannot avoid things in life.  No matter how hard we try, there are going to be times when we stumble upon them.  When that happens, we generally are taken by surprise.  We are not prepared to react well to them.  We trip and fall.

Would it not suit us better to be prepared for these pitfalls?  Would it not behoove us to face these problems head on?  If we do, we will be the ones in control.  We will be ready.  We will be able to control our reactions.  We will be able to rise above them.

That does not mean that we will not get messy.  Trust me.  We will.  Messiness is a part of life.  There is really no way to avoid it.  However, if we face the messiness head on, we will be able to confront it in such a manner that we come out ahead.  On the occasions that we do not come out ahead but, rather, just wear the mess, well, at least we can learn from what happened so that we have a better strategy to face those same kinds of difficulties in the future.

God knows that we are going to fall.  God knows that we are going to return to him rather tattered and torn.  He knows that we will be messy.  The things that we go through in life will make sure of that.  But, if we return to Him with souls intact and bright and shiny on the inside, He will take care of the messy exterior.

Fear not what lies ahead.  Face it, confront it, and learn from it.  If we do, God will look upon us, smile, and nod his head affirmatively.

FAITH ACTION:  Have no fear or anxiety today.  Face the day with courage and do what you know needs to be accomplished.