Listen For The Lord

13 Jun

At the mountain of God, Horeb,
Elijah came to a cave, where he took shelter.
But the word of the Lord came to him,
“Go outside and stand on the mountain before the Lord;
the LORD will be passing by.”  (1 Kgs 19:9a,11c)

The story of Elijah is a powerful one.

He had headed up the mountain because he was afraid for his life.  His contemporaries, other prophets, had been slain.  He fled to the mountain to hide and preserve his life.

While hiding, he was instructed to stand on the mountain because the Lord would be passing by.

He saw all sorts of great and powerful signs in nature.  As much as he thought God would be in the powerful things around him, God was not in them.  Rather, God came to Elijah in a tiny, whispering wind.

When the Lord asked him why he was on the mountain, Elijah admitted his fear.  The Lord responded by telling him to go back down the mountain, to go to the people, and to anoint some kings and a prophet.

I am sure that was the last thing that Elijah would want to hear.  I am also sure it was the last thing that he would consider doing.

Yet, when God asks, how can we say no?

What is He asking you to do?

FAITH ACTION:  Make a good amount of time today to sit in silence and listen for the Lord to speak to you.