Do Not Be Ensnared By Evil

16 Jul

Woe to those who plan iniquity,
and work out evil on their couches;
In the morning light they accomplish it
when it lies within their power.  (Mi 2:1)

There are a lot of people who sin in this world.

Let me rephrase that:  Everyone sins in this world.

That is part and parcel of living in a world tainted in sin and being born in original sin.

Thank God for the wondrous sacrament of reconciliation where we can go to the Lord for His great love and mercy.

However, as much as all people occasionally sin, there are some people out there who do more than sin.

They do evil.

Not only do they do evil, they plan it.

Micah speaks about that in the reading.  He speaks about the people who plan evil through the night and, when morning comes, they go to carry out the evil they planned.

I could not help but think about the awful tragedies that have been taking place in our country and around the world over the past several weeks.  Many innocent people have been killed and many more have been injured.

Those who survive will live with their trauma for the rest of their lives.

Evil is quite real.  That is something each and every believer needs to keep front and center in his or her mind.

Because, the moment that we do not believe in evil, we can become ensnared in it ourselves.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for the victims of violence and evil throughout the world.  Pray, as well, that the Lord’s Kingdom may become more established in our world.