Children Of The Light

14 May

“I came into the world as light,
so that everyone who believes in me might not remain in darkness.”  (Jn 12:46)

Light is a vivid symbol in the Church.

The Vigil Mass of Easter is never allowed to be celebrated until after sunset.  Each year, the diocese tells us the earliest that Mass can begin in order to be in the dark.

Why is that so important?

So that the light can shine!

We go outside at the beginning of that Mass to bless a fire and the new Paschal Candle.  After we bless the fire and candle, we light the candle and take it into a dark church singing, “Light of Christ!”  The congregation responds, “Thanks be to God!”

The Light of Christ has come into a world that was darkened by sin.

The Light of Christ dispels the darkness of sin and death — if we allow it to shine in our lives.

The world, though, steeped in sin, would rather have us live in the dark.  It abhors the light and will do everything it can to avoid the light.

The world may avoid the light.  However, we should not.  Rather, we should embrace the light and hold on dearly so that it can light our way to the Kingdom of God.

FAITH ACTION:  If possible, take some time today to be in a very dark room.  Light a candle and reflect upon the light that is cast from the candle.  Ask the Lord to light your way in this dark, sinful world.