Ask For Directions

14 Oct

“You are free, and that is why you are lost.”  ~ Franz Kafka

There are too many people who are lost at any given moment in time.  If you were to take a poll to determine just why they were lost, the number one answer — I would be willing to bet upon this — is that they failed or refused to ask for directions.  There are just those people who believe they can find where they need to go on their own.  They do not stop for directions, even when it is apparent that they are lost.  They will double-back and try a different way even though they are not sure that will work either.

It is very frustrating to be with those kinds of people, especially if you happen to be a passenger in their car.  You can even try to be helpful, offering to fire up your phone navigation app.  God help you if you do so.  They are intent upon finding things on their own.

I see that a lot.  I see that both in some friends who are “direction challenged”  (and, I would include myself in that category, although I will resort to my app) and those who are spiritually challenged.  There are many people who want to have a deeper prayer life or want to do some kind of ministry in the Church.  However, when stumped, instead of asking for help, they try to muddle their way through.

The problem with that is they will eventually give up.  They often draw the “conclusion” that God must not want them to do whatever it is they are considering because otherwise He would make it easier for them.

First of all, God does want us serving one another and calls us to ministry.  Second, He would never make things difficult for us.  Third, He’s willing and able to help us, if only we would ask.  (Remember, because of free will, God will never force Himself on us.  He waits for us to invited Him in.)

It’s time to lose the attitude that we can do it on our own and to ask for help when we get stuck.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not be afraid to ask God for help in your spiritual life.  You and He both know that you cannot do it on your own.