Do Not Be Swayed By The World

13 Oct

“One of the main reasons people fall short of their potential is they care more about looking good than getting better.”  ~ Adam Grant

Our human nature can be a very fickle thing and it can get us into a lot of trouble. We know that we are called by God to be a certain kind of people, to speak a certain kind of way, and to act counter to the values of the world. However, we often fall short because we allow the world to sway us.

Some people are afraid of living the Christian life to the full because they are concerned about what others may think or say of them.  They can be easily influenced by others and often end up abandoning what they know to be the right thing to do.

Others are afraid of living the Christian life to the full for fear that their speech or their actions might get them into serious trouble, perhaps even arrested or killed. Remember, not all parts of the world are as amenable to people living the faith. Martyrs are not a thing of the past.  They are still a modern day reality.

The followers of Christ had the same issues.  They were talked about because they were counter-cultural. They also worried that they would be arrested and brought before the authorities to be tried and, possibly, convicted and put to death.

Jesus told them then what He still tells us now, “When they lead you away and hand you over, do not worry beforehand about what you are to say. But say whatever will be given to you at that hour. For it will not be you who are speaking but the holy Spirit.” (Mk 13:11)

If we are confident in our relationship with the Lord, we will be in a better position to speak His words and live His love. We will not worry about what others have to say about us because we will know that we are doing the Lord’s bidding. It is practically guaranteed that, if we live our lives according to the laws of God, we are going to receive trouble from the world.

The world is not interested in what we have to say because the world has drifted far from God.  However, it is precisely because of that fact that we are called to proclaim the Good News. The world needs to hear about Jesus now more than ever.

It is never too late to speak up.  Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the world.  Hold fast to the promises of God and be His witnesses in the world today.

FAITH ACTION:  If you have been reluctant to speak about the Lord or to live your life in a manner consistent with the Lord’s teachings, ask Him for His courage to be His witness in the world.