Acknowledge Your Sins And Be Healed

5 Feb

Then I acknowledged my sin to you,
my guilt I covered not.
I said, “I confess my faults to the Lord,”
and you took away the guilt of my sin.  (Ps 32:5)


It can overwhelm us.

It can immobilize us.

It can contribute to our downfall.

When we allow guilt to take over our lives, we find ourselves in a bad place.  We tend to trust people less, if at all.  We feel terrible about ourselves.  We begin to think that there is no hope for us, that we are not redeemable.

In short, we make it awfully hard for the Lord to get into our lives.

When we confess our sins to the Lord, however, we find ourselves freed.

No longer does guilt overwhelm us.

We find that we are able to look ahead once again, that we are able to make plans and provisions for our lives.  We find the grace that we need to forgive ourselves and others as we embrace the forgiveness that God gives to us.

Many saints have said that “confession is good for the soul” and they certainly knew what they were saying.

FAITH ACTION:  Is guilt overwhelming you?  Confess your sins and find the healing that God wants you to have!