A Winning Attitude

31 May

“I didn’t lose the gold. I won the silver.”  ~ Michelle Kwan

Today is the second to last day of school before summer vacation.  Our students, as one can imagine, are becoming extremely excited.  What do you do with a bunch of students who are just daring you to teach them anything?  Well, you take them and run them.

Today is Field Day for our fourth through eighth grade students.  The younger students had their special day yesterday.  In Field Day, the students from all the grades are divided into different groups and given country’s names.  They then compete for top honors in our version of Olympics.

The day is quite noisy with a lot of expending of pent up energy.  They get to compete with one another, old students mentor younger students on their teams, and they enjoy camaraderie with one another at a cook out lunch as well.

However, there are still lessons to learn.  One of the best lessons is attitude.  While every “coach” wants his or her team to come in first place, we also want the students to understand the value of competition as well as the enjoyment of being with one another.  We do not have losers.  We have a bunch of winners.  Oh, sure, some get first place or second place, et cetera; but, no one loses.  They achieve.

The quote from Michelle Kwan, Olympic Figure Skater, says it best.  When asked about her thoughts on losing a gold medal, she stated, “I didn’t lose the gold. I won the silver.”  Let’s face it.  Winning a silver medal in the Olympics is a huge feat.  You do not go home a loser when you take a silver medal home with you.

Many times, we think that we have to be the absolute best in everything we say or do.  God does not want that for us.  He wants us to excel at the gifts that He has given to us but not worry that we might not measure up to someone else.  God has given that other person a set of gifts as well.  We might not equal their gift; but, we have gifts that they cannot equal.

Life is not about being the ultimate winner.  Life is about playing as a team, working with one another, supporting one another, and completing the competition without losing anyone.  If we cross the finish line together, whether it be in 1st place or 25,487,967,128th place, we will be winners.

Focus on the finish line — eternal life — and help your teammates to get there with you.

FAITH ACTION:  Encourage anyone who may need it today and remind them that they are not struggling alone but that you are there to help them.