Believe In His Love

26 Jan

“Give yourself fully to God.  He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in His love than in your own weakness.”  ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Do you know what my problems are?  Do you know what my weaknesses are?  Do you know the temptations I have?  Do you?  If you don’t, do you have about a half hour for me to enumerate each and every one of them for you?  I’ve got them memorized.

That would be the response of most people, wouldn’t it?  After all, when I was making those initial statements, were you already recalling your own problems, weaknesses, and temptations?  Were you thinking about your many faults and about how hard it is to overcome them?

That is the way of our human nature.  The devil knows this and uses it greatly against us.  The devil does not want us to improve in our relationships with one another or, most significantly, in our relationship with God.  Instead, the devil niggles at the back of our mind, continuously reminding us of our faults and weaknesses and of the times that we succumbed to his temptations.

Mother Teresa is sitting here on the sidelines saying, “If only you would focus on God’s love.”  We can only do that when we give ourselves fully to God.  The morning offering that so many of us learned when we were young does no good if we do not mean it.  If we do not offer ourselves one hundred percent to God, we are guaranteed to fall sometime during the day.

Give yourself fully to God.  If you do so, He will use you.  He will pour His graces upon you.  He will give you the ability you need to look past your weaknesses and to cling to His strength.  He will never leave us to combat the evils of this world on our own as long as we give ourselves to Him and not to the world.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t focus on — or worry about — your weakness today.  Instead, give yourself fully to God.