What’s Your Trademark?

27 Jan

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.”  ~ Jay Danzie

Trademarking is an important part of any business.  A trademark does many things.  It provides instant recognition.  It keeps others from usurping an identity.  It helps in advertising the brand.  There are many things that trademarks do for businesses.  It might seem strange to apply the business concept of trademark to individuals; however, we can think of them very much the same way for ourselves, as Danzie does in today’s quote.

Our trademark is “Christian”.  As such, we believe in Jesus Christ, embrace His teachings, and follow His example.  In doing so, we should be identifiable in certain ways.  First, our demeanor should make people think immediately that we are approachable, that we want and are willing to help.  Second, our example should be that of the Lord’s.  We should be just as approachable to all people.  We should not pick and choose.  We should not leave any person or group of people out.  Third, interactions with us should be so positive that people are not afraid to come back.  Additionally, they should be willing to recommend us to others who might be in need.

It’s not always easy to live that way.  We find that there are times we are not as willing to help.  There are people we would rather avoid.  There are moments when we would rather take care of our own hopes, dreams, and desires rather than to help others.  Doing so is not good because it tarnishes not only ourselves but also our brand and our trademark.

I have met people in my life — sadly, too many people — who have had a dim view of Christians because they were not helped, rejected, or outright hurt by someone who claimed to be a believer.  The person who did that did a disservice not only to his or her own name but to all Christians as well.

It would do us good to take an honest look at ourselves and the way we live our lives.  Do we claim to believe in Jesus Christ?  If so, do we live as Jesus wants us to live or are we tarnishing the trademark.

FAITH ACTION:  When people see and hear you today, make sure that they see and hear the Lord.