What Now?

27 May

“If you’re trying to find out what’s coming next, turn off everything you own that has an OFF switch and listen.”  ~Ann Patchett

I know people well enough to know that there are a considerable number of them who are somewhat depressed today.  Yesterday was graduation for a number of grade schoolers and high schoolers.  The day and the commencement exercises were filled with excitement and with looking forward.

However, the day after, many people begin to have the reality of things settle in.  They are no longer going back to that same school.  They may no longer see and associate with the same friends that they had made because those friends are moving on to different schools, maybe even different communities.

Yesterday, thoughts and emotions ran high with excitement and hope.  Today, thoughts and emotions may be at a low ebb as the eternal question — What now?! — is being asked.

What happens “next”?  That is a difficult question to pose to oneself because it often involves soul-searching.  What does one expect to do in the next year or years?  What hopes and dreams are still unfulfilled?  What does one want to learn?  What would one rather forget?

This all takes some planning.  But, in our planning, it would be wise not to do it alone.  Planning for the future involves other people.  We often seek the advice and wisdom of parents, guidance counselors, family and friends in order to clarify what it is we might want to do and where it is we might want to go.

All of this causes a great deal of “noise” in our lives.  Anxiety leads to agitation and that often leads to us turning our ears and hearts off in relation to our God.  This is not the time to allow the noise of the world and of all that is going on around us to keep us from listening to Him.

Our parents, guidance counselors, family and friends all have opinions about what it is we should do.  So does our God.  Since we are consulting others, we had best consult God as well when it comes to our future.

FAITH ACTION:  You heard the lady.  Turn off everything you own that has an OFF switch, sit in silence with the Lord, and listen for Him to speak to you.