We Are God’s Children

6 Jul

Ah, the fragrance of my son
is like the fragrance of a field
that the Lord has blessed!  (Gn 27:27b)

Today is the memorial of St. Maria Goretti, a young girl of eleven who was brutally stabbed  because she tried to ward off the sexual advances of a young man.  On her death bed, she stated that she had forgiven her attacker.

The man was imprisoned for what he did.

While in prison, Maria Goretti appeared to him in a dream holding fourteen lilies, one for each stab wound.  He realized that Maria Goretti had, indeed, forgiven him and was offering him the chance to repent.

He repented and told his story to Church authorities as they investigated the cause of canonization of Maria Goretti.

God is a good God and has mercy on all of His children.

He asks us to extend the same mercy to each other.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not just think about it.  Forgive someone who has wronged you.  You may or may not be able to tell the person but, in your heart at the very least, forgive that person.