The Value Of Friendship

5 Jan

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Never, no, never.  Your friendship is the best present ever.”  ~ Tigger

There are people who question why I go to Walt Disney World every January after the Christmas holiday.  They wonder how I can go to see the same thing year in and year out.  After all, they say, isn’t it all the same?  No.  No, it’s not.  There is always something different happening there.  I enjoy going to watch live shows.  I enjoy looking at art and at the flowers.  I enjoy people-watching as they are very entertaining.

But, there is another aspect about going down there every year that some people might not have thought about.  Friends.  You see, over the years, I have made friends with some of the cast members and I enjoy renewing those friendships.  I have friends that work for The Mouse, I have friends that work in the area, and I have friends that have relocated down to Florida either for work or for retirement.

When I go down to Florida, I try to schedule times to meet up with them.  Sometimes, I meet them at the parks and we walk around, talking and catching up on what is new in our lives.  Sometimes I meet them in the parks, at one of the resorts, or outside for lunch or dinner where we catch one another up on what is happening.

Friendships are important and the opportunity to meet up with friends is a valuable and enjoyable experience.  After I’ve met up with any of my friends, it feels good to say, “See you next year.”  There is something to look forward to when we say that to one another.

I hope that you have the opportunity to renew friendships with people who are distant.  Keeping them in your heart and in your prayers is nice; but, seeing them in person is a whole new level of good.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to bless all of your friends today.  Try to reach out to a friend you may not have contacted in a while.