The Rock

6 Dec

Trust in the Lord forever!
For the Lord is an eternal Rock.  (Is 26:4)

People who are “rocks” really impress us.  We cannot get over how well they weather change, adversity, and the like.  We want to be like them.

Jesus is the rock of strength for us.

He is the stabilizing influence in a chaotic world.

The Gospel talks about houses that are built on sand and on rock.  Our faith, like the houses, stands or falls depending upon the ground upon which that faith is built.

If we anchor ourselves in the things of this world, no matter how strong our “house” may look, it is doomed to fall.

If we anchor ourselves in the Lord?  Bring on the onslaught.  Because we will be able to stand firm!

FAITH ACTION:  In order to anchor ourselves in the Lord, we must develop a personal relationship with Him.  That begins with prayer.  Spend a good amount of time with the Lord today in silent meditation.