The Proper Perspective

9 Mar

“Don’t tell God how big your storm is.  Tell the storm how big your God is.” ~ Unknown

How many times in our lives have we said to ourselves, “I know that God can help me in this situation, but…”  It’s always that “but” that gets us into trouble.  We know that God loves us.  We know that God watches over us.  We know that God can deliver us from anything that we will face.  After all, He has already delivered us from sin and death.  We know all of that.  But.

But, we still have doubts.  We still have uncertainties.  We still have fears.  Those creep up from the parts of our mortal, frail humanity and they are all things that are used against us.  It seems that, as powerful as our God is, our enemy is as wily.  Our enemy knows our weaknesses.  He knows how to tempt us and taunt us.  He knows what will make us crack and he works overtime in his attempts to do so.

Our enemy is supremely crafty, yes.  However, our God is much stronger and can help us thwart any attempt of the enemy.  For our part, we need to keep our eyes fixed firmly upon the Lord so that He can guide us through the obstacles in our lives.

Nothing is too big for God to handle.  Nothing.  Because of that, nothing is too big for us to handle as long as we do so with God at our side.  During the times that you might feel hopeless and helpless, remember that God can help you face anything.

FAITH ACTION:  If you have found yourself facing an obstacle in life that you feel is insurmountable, ask God to help you through it.