So Intimate A Bond

22 Dec

“By his own will Christ was dependent on Mary during Advent: he was absolutely helpless; he could go nowhere but where she chose to take him; he could not speak; her breathing was his breath; his heart beat in the beating of her heart…. In the seasons of our Advent – waking, working, eating, sleeping, being – each breath is a breathing of Christ into the world.” ~ Caryll Houselander

Have you ever really considered the intimate relationship that God has with His people? I mean the really, truly, exceptionally intimate relationship He has with us? A relationship that was so close to His people as to be a matter of life and death?

That is precisely the kind of relationship that God chose to have with us. It began when Mary became pregnant with Jesus after the Annunciation. Jesus, as a fetus, was totally dependent upon Mary. She had to take care of herself and eat properly so that the child inside of her would form and develop as it should. That is a very intimate relationship.

When Jesus was born, he was completely dependent upon His mother and His foster father, Joseph, for nourishment, education, and protection. The world, as we all know, is and always has been a dangerous place. The Child Jesus would have been prey to a vast number of things. The God of all needed His parents to protect Him, such was their bond.

As Jesus became an adult and was independent on Mary, Mary continued to listen to what was being said about her Son. She celebrated with Him and worried about Him. Ultimately, she walked with Him to Calvary and stood by the foot of His cross. That was intimacy personified.

St. Teresa of Avila reminded us of this intimate relationship when she told us that Christ has no body now but our own. No hands or feet. No arms or voice. He lives through us and in all that we do. How great a relationship and how wonderful an invitation to bring Him into this world by what we say and do.

FAITH ACTION: Reflect upon the intimate relationship of mother and child and pray for all expectant mothers.