Remain Free

14 Oct

For freedom Christ set us free;
so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.  (Gal 5:1)

Freedom is a much touted word.

There are so many people around the world who truly would like to live in freedom.

Freedom means the ability to choose for oneself, to do what one desires, to be what one dreams.

There are many people who do not live in freedom.  Their lives are daily struggles against the whims, wishes, or demands of others.  They are trapped in a life that is not of their own choosing and often dream of something else.

We often talk about our freedom in this country.  We have so many freedoms — to worship, to seek jobs we want, to live where we want, to say what we want — that we oftentimes cannot truly appreciate the plight of others.  Because of our freedoms, we oftentimes do not understand what those before us have sacrificed in order that we might be free.

It is the same with our spiritual lives.

Christ freed us from sin and death a couple thousand years ago.

We are far removed from that time.

In the centuries since, we have become more and more free, if you will, to choose whatever we want.   Ironically, in our “freedom”, we have come close to enslaving ourselves once again under the yoke of sin.

In order to remain free, we must cast off the yoke of sin and put on the yoke of Christ.  As people freed by the Lord, live in the goodness of His love this day rather than be ensnared by the traps of this world.

FAITH ACTION:  Choose to do good this day so as to remain free in the Lord.