Make God’s Day

22 May

“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”  ~ Eric Liddell

There is definitely something to be said for utilizing our talents, isn’t there?  Whether it be singing, playing music, crunching numbers, shooting hoops, performing surgery, or a whole host of other things, when we utilize our talents, we feel good.  We feel good because we know that it is something that we can do, can do well, and, perhaps, can do better than most others.  Without us, the world would be a little bit less.

That’s not pride speaking.  That’s humility and reality.  We know that God made us and gifted us specifically for that purpose: to gift others.  If we use the gifts given to us we accomplish a few things: we give praise to God, we hone our gifts, and we receive even more.  God is always looking for willing and able vessels to pour His gifts into.  If we help others, God is going to give us even more so that we can bless even more people.

What has God given to you?  How does that make you feel?  Do you give back to Him by utilizing your gifts to the utmost of your ability?  Are you willing to share your gifts with anybody?  If you are and if you do, you are accepting your responsibility to continue Jesus’ mission which is precisely what He instructed us to do at His Ascension.

FAITH ACTION:  Make God’s day.  Use what He has given to you for His greater honor and glory.