In The Form Of Tears

23 May

“Healing rain is a real touch from God. It could be physical healing or emotional or whatever.”  ~ Michael W. Smith

There is something about the rain.  Spring rains or hot summer day rains are unique, in my opinion.  After a season of snow and cold, the first rains of the spring take on a sensory delight.  The pitter patter of the soft rain against newly-opening leaves is incredible.  And so is the smell.  There is something almost other-worldly about a fresh spring rain.  You can smell it coming in the air even before the drops begin to fall.  It is the same on hot summer days.  It gets you ready for the refreshment to come.

We are not the only ones preparing for the gentle rains.  I’ve often loved watching the trees as they prepare for an approaching rain.  Many times, the leaves of the trees turn sideways or nearly over so that they can best absorb the water when it comes down.  Seeing the trees prepare for the rain gives you a sense of the wonder of nature and of the “mindedness” of nature, if you will.

The water is good.  It smells fresh.  It gives live to all.  And it even heals, especially after a long period of dryness when everything is parched and the ground is cracked from lack of water.  A good rain will mend those cracks as it softens the earth once again and closes things up.  It perks up flowers and plants that may have been drooping, maybe even all the way to the ground.

There is another “healing rain” that takes place in our lives and one that we very often shy away from.  That would be the healing rain of tears.  There are many who have been raised hearing that tears are a sign of weakness and that if you cry in front of others, you are less of a person.  That could not be more wrong.  Crying, tears, are extremely healing.  They give voice to our feelings of depression, sadness, or joy.  When we cry, we communicate with others on a level that needs no words.

As we welcome the rains, we should also welcome tears.  Both bring healing, peace, and strength.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t hold back tears when you are overwhelmed with emotion.  They are healthy and healing.