Make A Return To The Lord

15 Feb

How shall I make a return to the Lord
for all the good he has done for me?
The cup of salvation I will take up,
and I will call upon the name of the Lord.  (Ps 116:12-13)

This psalm may be a bit disconcerting to many people nowadays because there are so many who live as if they are entitled.  “The entitled” do not think that they need to make a return to anyone.  They have what they want simply because they want it and are entitled to it.

I know this may be a bit simplistic; however, it rings true for too many people.

We have to quit looking for “our due”, for what “belongs to us” and begin remembering that what has come our way has been solely because of the generosity of our God and not because we deserve anything.

We are not entitled.  We are loved.

Once we realize that, we are moved to ask ourselves how we can give thanks to God.  The best way to give thanks, to make a return to God, is to live our lives as He would have us live:  not for ourselves; but, for one another.

When was the last time our first thought was “What can I do for someone today?”  Usually, our thoughts swirl around our wants, our needs, or our desires.  Others, often, are not considered.

As we call upon the name of the Lord today in gratitude and praise, we direct our minds and hearts outward.  As we thank God for His generous love, we share that love with everyone we meet.

FAITH ACTION:  As you sit quietly in prayer, recount as many things as possible that the Lord has done for you.  Take the time to thank Him for His generous love and make it a point to share His love with those you encounter today.