Look To The Future

9 Oct

“Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies.”
~ Ann Landers

There are too many people who live in the past.  They romanticize the past and wish that they could return to the past.  The past is called “past” for a reason.  It’s over.  It’s a part of our lives now.  We cannot go back.

What we need to do is allow the past to inform us so that we make better choices, perhaps, or build upon what we have already learned or achieved.  Our eyes, though, need to be fixed on the future.  If we look behind us while we move ahead, all we will do is stumble and fall.  We cannot keep our eyes fixed on the past and expect to go into the future.

Our future has been secured for us by Jesus Christ.  He won the battle between sin and death.  What we need to do is remain faithful to Him.  If we do that, He will guide us, helping us navigate through the obstacles of life.

We all have things in the past that we wished we would have done differently.  We all have things that we should have said or not said, done or not done.  The best we can do is move forward, learning from mistakes and capitalizing on successes.

Do not be afraid.  If we have learned from our past, there will be no way that it can control our future.  Invite Jesus to walk with you and step boldly into the new day.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t spend too much time dwelling on the past today.  Instead, look to what lies in the future and ask God to be a part of it.