Knights Of The Holy Sepulchre

22 Oct

“Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn’t live off fame, but rather deeds.”  ~ Dejan Stojanovic

This weekend, the Carmelite Fathers are helping with the 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. Masses at the parish because I am in Indianapolis at the annual conference for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre.  This order, constituted by the Holy See, has been established to care for many places  and people in the Holy Land.  To that end, money is raised to help with the upkeep of the sacred sites, to provide assistance to orphanages, and to assist in the continuation of schools and universities.

Members become “knights” and, among the knights, there are several ranks.  However, as noted by Dejan Stojanovic, Knighthood is not about being known but about doing deeds.

The same holds for being “Christian.”

If we call ourselves Christian, we do not set out to prove it by becoming the most popular person in the place.  We do not try to prove it by being the wealthiest.  We do not claim our place by being the most notable.  We do not assert the name Christian by attempting to garner all the attention.

We prove that we are Christian by living as Christians.  That means that we need to say what Jesus said and do what Jesus did. We need to be a people of love, kindness, mercy, and understanding. We need to look out for the good of others rather than for what will benefit us.  We need to be stellar examples of virtue.

To do all of that, we need to renew ourselves daily by prayer.  Praying is communication with God.  We cannot possibly claim to be friends with God if we do not talk with Him on a regular basis, can we?  Our prayer life is a great way to spend time with God, to speak to Him and, even more, to listen to Him as He speaks to us.

If we do all of these things, we will be as close to God as possible. We will then be able to call ourselves Christian.  There is no need to search for fame or fortune.  There is no need to search for recognition.  There is only need to make sure that we are right with God.  Doing so will please God and, in the final analysis, that is all that matters.

Today, make sure that all you do is done for God’s greater honor and glory, not for your own recognition.  May others come to know God today because of your words and your actions.

FAITH ACTION:  Kindly pray for the members of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre — especially one of its newest members, Bishop Hying — that they may always seek to do God’s will.