Reward Or Responsibility?

21 Oct

“We did not inherit our future from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children.”  ~ Unknown

This quote has been used in several forms through the years for a variety of reasons; most recently, in regards to the environment.  It truly does have some deep implications.  If we look at the world as ours for the taking, we will not worry about anything or anyone.  We will take what we want without regard to others.

If, on the other hand, we recognize that we have a responsibility to all those around us, we will use with great regard and reverence all the resources around us.

Jesus constantly indicated to His followers that they had a responsibility to the world.  They were not to live their lives for themselves.  They were to live their lives for others, to build up the Kingdom of God in this world, and to prepare themselves and all around them for the fullness of the Kingdom of God in heaven.

God’s riches cannot be viewed by anyone as his or her own.  God’s riches are given to benefit the world and all those in it.  The image has often been used of a pond.  If water fills the pond but does not go anywhere, that pond will soon stagnate.  It will be overfilled with growth until it eventually dries up a shriveled old mud hole.  If, on the other hand, water enters the pond and leaves it, the new water continually renews the water in the pond.  I supports the live in the pond even as it overflows to give live to other systems down the way.

God does not bless us for ourselves.  He blesses us so that we may overflow and allow our blessings to touch the lives of others.  When we do that, we find our own faith lives deepening and growing richer.  There is not much of a chance for us to stagnate if we allow the blessings to flow into us only to flow out again.

If, on the other hand, we hoard the blessings that have been given to us and refuse to benefit anyone else, we will stagnate.  We will become foul inside and, eventually, dry up just like that shriveled old mud hole.

What gifts from God might you have been holding back and not sharing with others?  Draw in the blessings that God showers on your today.  And, just as freely, let them flow out of you so that they may benefit others as well.

FAITH ACTION:  Try to benefit someone else today using what God has given to you.