As Ambassadors, Sent

23 Oct

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.”
~ Joseph Campbell

We have our Pilgrim Mass this morning at 8:00 a.m.  For the past few days, we have been in conferences for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.  Yesterday afternoon, at our investiture Mass, we were reminded that we are ambassadors to this world.

Being an ambassador has a few implications.  First of all, it means that we represent someone else, not ourselves.  In our case, as Christian, we are, at all times, to represent Jesus Christ.  Second, being an ambassador means that we have a different home soil.  Yes, our home is not here on this world.  Our home is in heaven.  Therefore, we should always travel as pilgrims on our way to the Kingdom.

If we keep those in mind, we will have a certain groundedness about ourselves that will help to center us and bring us bliss.  Filled with the joy that can only be from God, we will be prepared to meet the challenges of the world.

As you think about this, remind yourself that you are not going to work today.  You are not going to school.  You are not going on vacation.  You are not going shopping.  No.  You are doing something much more.  As you work or study or do whatever it is you do today, remember that you do it as an ambassador of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Before you go, then, ask the Lord to fill your mind and heart so that you may speak His words and perform His actions this day.

FAITH ACTION:  Go as pilgrims into your world with the full realization that you do not live for this world but for the next.