How Trustworthy Are You?

5 Sep

Brothers and sisters:
Thus should one regard us: as servants of Christ
and stewards of the mysteries of God. 
Now it is of course required of stewards
that they be found trustworthy.  (1 Cor 4:1-2)

Of course!

We are stewards of the mysteries of God.

Of course, we should be found trustworthy.

What would happen if we are not trustworthy?

The immediate ramification is that we would lead other people astray, since we are seen as being followers of Christ and, therefore, “in the know” about what we should and should not do.  Perceiving that about us, people generally listen to our words and follow our example.

The distant ramification, however, is much more dire.

At that point in time, we will face a just judge who will pass judgment upon us according to our deeds.  If we have been entrusted with much, if we had accepted the responsibility of being a steward, and if we have misused that trust and harmed others in the process, we will be in a world of hurt.  Possibly an eternity of hurt.

I say this, not to scare us, but to focus us.  I presume St. Paul wrote this to the Church in Corinth for the same reason.

We have been entrusted as servants of God to be stewards of the mysteries of God.  That is an awesome responsibility.  It is also a great joy.  Let us shoulder that joyful burden this day and be good, honest, joy-filled stewards.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for the grace and the courage to represent the Lord with honesty and integrity.