He Preserves Us

10 Feb

You are my shelter; from distress you will preserve me;
with glad cries of freedom you will ring me round.  (Ps 32:7)

Over and over in our lives, we seem to “get it wrong”.  For some crazy reason — I call it our tainted human nature — we believe that we have to do things on our own, that it is a sign of weakness to ask others for help.  We need to get over that feeling as soon as possible.

Not relying on others is one thing.  Not relying on God is another thing entirely.  We may have learned that there are certain people we cannot count on.  We may have asked particular people many times for help and never received it.  Because of that, we may have crossed them off of a mental list of “go to” people.  We cannot and should not do that with God.

Some people may have crossed God of their go to list because “He never gave me what I wanted”.  In their experience, they may have petitioned God for something and it never happened.  Because of that, they have concluded that God had not answered them.  God did.  The answer just may have been “no”.

In the short term — here on earth — we may perceive ourselves as not getting things or help from God that we desire.  We do not understand God’s will or the ways in which God works.  We have to quit looking at the short term, however.  None of us are in it for the short term.  We are in it for the long term.  Eternity, actually.

God will preserve us from distress if we ask Him to do so.  He will shelter us in His protective love.  And He will call us home to Him one day if we remain faithful to Him.  The question is, are you in it for the long term?

FAITH ACTION:  Is there anything disturbing you today that is taking away your inner peace?  Turn it over to the Lord and ask Him to handle it.