Don’t Let Them Struggle Alone

12 Sep

“When you feel the pain of life, remember that somebody out there is feeling the pain of hunger, living without a mother/father, and abuse. Live your life and make it the best that you can.”  ~ Anonymous

Putting lives back together — that seems to be the theme of the past several weeks as first Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas and then Hurricane Irma devastated many parts of Florida and is still doing damage as a tropical storm as it continues moving through the states.  There is even talk that it might make it to northern Indiana.  People whose homes were destroyed in a post-hurricane several years ago are beginning to get quite concerned about that possibility.

No matter how bad we have it, however, we know that other people are going through immeasurable suffering as well.  Oftentimes, our suffering cannot even compare to theirs.

As a matter of fact, we do not know what kinds of suffering people are going through.  Some are noticeable as they are on the outside: physical illness and the like.  Some suffering is internal, though.  It may be a mental or emotional anguish that cripples another person.  We cannot see their pain.  We might not even know of their pain unless they elect to tell us.

Those going through the aftermath of the hurricanes have a long road ahead of them.  Some might have only been slightly affected and might be cleaned up in days.  Even though they may get their places clean, they may not have power for several weeks or months. Others might be weeks or months or even years before their lives can be put back together again.

If you know of anyone who is going through a struggle of any kind, consider reaching out and helping them in their need.  If you see someone who might look a bit forlorn, ask that person if he or she is all right.  They may be in need of help but too afraid to ask.

Remember, we are not only responsible for ourselves, we are responsible for one another as well.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for those who are struggling to put their lives back together after disasters of any kind.  Ask God to give them the wherewithal that they need to continue.