Do You Want To See God?

8 Jan

No one has ever seen God. 
Yet, if we love one another, God remains in us,
and his love is brought to perfection in us.  (1 Jn 4:12)

No one has ever seen God.

Yet, if we want to see Him, we have the ability to do so by loving others since love is of God and love is God.

Oh, sure, we may not see Him face to face by loving others.  But, when we love, we allow God to show Himself in and through our actions as well as the other person.

This is a great mystery.

So many people go to extreme lengths to “see” God.  They fast for days and weeks on end.  They make incredible journeys around the world.  They deprive themselves of all sorts of things that they like or desire.  They sit and pray for hours and hours on end.

They do everything except the most simple and basic:  love.

When we see people of love, we see God, don’t we?

How many people claimed to have seen God in the touch and caress of Mother Teresa as she tended the dying?  People looked at her and said she was a living saint.  Why?  Because they saw the great love that she had for God’s people and the love that translated itself into the good works that she did.

People said the same about Francis of Assisi.  His passion and zeal were stoked by his love for God, a love that was so complete that he even received the stigmata.

People can say that about us some day.

Get out there and love!

FAITH ACTION:  In all of our lives, there are those “unlovable” people.  Try to love that person today.  It might be something as simple as praying for that person.  Do something, though, to increase your love so that you may show forth the love of God.  That might be just what that person needs.