20 Jan

“Liars are the cause of all the sins and crimes in the world.” ~ Epictetus

So many times, we have heard of people trying to run from God and His call — His call to conversion, to faithfulness, to trust, to mission.

We have also heard that it is only in embracing God’s will that we find perfect peace.

Nothing is concealed from God.  We might think that we do a good job keeping things from other people.  However, we can never hide — our true selves, our thoughts, our hopes, our desires or our sins — from God.  He sees all, knows all, and, in due time, judges all.

If we want to find ourselves on the right side of the line when we meet God, we have to do all that we can right now to be honest with ourselves and with God.

FAITH ACTION:  Have you  been attempting to deceive God?  Today might be a good time to go to confession and reconcile yourself with the God who sees and knows all.