Complete Abandonment

30 Nov

As Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers,
Simon who is called Peter, and his brother Andrew,
casting a net into the sea; they were fishermen.
He said to them,
“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
At once they left their nets and followed him.
He walked along from there and saw two other brothers,
James, the son of Zebedee, and his brother John.
They were in a boat, with their father Zebedee, mending their nets.
He called them, and immediately they left their boat and their father
and followed him.  (Mt 4:18-22)

Yesterday, we began the holy season of Advent.  This season helps us to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas as well as to remind us that Jesus will come again in His glory one day and we must be prepared for that moment as well.  That is hard work.

To be prepared to meet the Lord, we must be able to walk away from the things that could interfere with our relationship with Him.

As we celebrate the Feast of St. Andrew today, we are presented with the Gospel passage where Jesus called Peter and Andrew as well as James and John.  The four of them were professional fishermen.  They worked the nets with family and friends.  When Jesus came to them, he gave them a very distinct call:  “Come after me.”

Did you note what happened afterward?  We are told that “at once” Peter and Andrew left their nets to follow Jesus.  James’ and John’s response was the same:  “Immediately they left their boat and their father.”

What did Peter, Andrew, James, and John see?  What did they hear?  What gave them the courage to leave behind all that they knew to follow Jesus?

The sooner we can answer those questions, the sooner we will be able to do the same.

What do you see in the Lord?  How do you hear Him calling to you?  Are you willing to leave everything predictable and comfortable to follow Him?

FAITH ACTION:  In silent contemplation today, tell the Lord that you are ready to listen to Him and really mean it.  Give Him the time He needs to speak to you.